About :

Yo. Mandy here, a self taught watercolorist. I’ve created art behind closed doors since I was young giving it to those I care about. I happened to broadcast a print and the requests continued…so here we are, a passion project gone wrong…becoming an art company, A Dudley Doodle.  

Custom art is by far the ultimate opportunity. I truly enjoy creating one-of-a-kind pieces.  It's sacred. It’s uniquely yours. Not making the same thing twice. My intuition takes over and I trust her. And viola, you have custom art!

To keep creativity alive and artwork in the hands of those who appreciate it, I reproduce custom art on products that are great giftables and usable.


FREEDOM: Freedom to “doodle” at the pace and in the space that I need. Creativity can never be rushed. Nor can a project. Here at A Dudley Doodle we do not operate under “false fires” so please reach out well in advance if you want a custom project in your hands on a specific date.

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: I’m sensitive to the bigger environment, Mother Earth, and my personal environment. I keep inventory low, mostly print-on-demand  and use environmentally sensitive resources. Also, watercolor is the least toxic of all paints.

CREATIVITY: To keep creativity and imagination alive is MAGIC and a way of life. Watercoloring is an intuitive practice for me. Working with water, pigment and my intuition is key. It’s the ultimate playground. I have to be locked into my intuition to “doodle”. It’s a really rad place to be.

PHILANTHROPY: At the heart of A Dudley Doodle, a humanitarian resides. Each year A Dudley Doodle collaborates and contributes to several non-profits and hosts an annual fundraiser, “Larry Christmas”  supporting families and children in need.