Commissioned Projects


Greeting Cards


What customers have to say…

“I saw the drawing you did of Ben and I thought it was absolutely wonderful! I’d like to get a portrait done for my wife’s cat that passed away a few years ago…”

-Mark A.

What customers have to say…

”Every post I stumble across makes me smile”

-Andrew G.

What customers have to say…

”I got my portrait today & sweet card. It looks just like him.

Can’t wait to frame & hang it!”

-Amanda S.

Mandy embodies intuitive alchemy*–with a paintbrush, in the kitchen, and within her personal and professional relationships. It’s what makes her, and her art, unique.

*Intuitive Alchemy: Transformation led by intuition. 

Project Request

Looking for something unique for someone special? A Dudley Doodle is the perfect idea!

Project Request